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Currently or Previously Affiliated Institutions - 04/19/2014

The directory of institutions provides information on institutions accredited by the Commission, those holding candidate for accreditation status, and those that previously held status, but have since closed, merged, or had their status withdrawn. It includes the Statement of Affiliation Status and Organizational Profile for each currently accredited and candidate institution, any Public Disclosure Notices that have been issued, and the most recent action letters from reaffirmations of accreditation occurring after June 2013.

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Name State Status
(Name links to information from the institution's statement of affiliation status and organization profile)
Augustana CollegeSDAccredited
Black Hills State University* SDAccredited
*Name change: South Dakota State Normal School to Spearfish Normal School to Black Hills Teachers College to Black Hills State College (1964) to Black Hills State University(7/1/89)
Dakota State University* SDAccredited
*Name change: General Beadle State Teachers College to Dakota State College (1969) to Dakota State University (1989)
Dakota Wesleyan UniversitySDAccredited
Freeman Junior CollegeSDInactive-Withdrawn
**College closed in 1986 candidacy extended through 12/31/86 to enable graduating seniors to complete their degrees through transfer credit.
Huron UniversitySDInactive-Merged
**Record was created as a result of data conversion.
Huron University (until 1997)* SDInactive-Withdrawn
*Name change: Huron College to Huron University (2/3/89)
**Accreditation withdrawn Dec. 31, 1996. Accredited status extended to July 31, 1997.
Kilian Community College* SDAccredited
*Name change: Community College of the North Central University Center to Kilian Community College (1985)
Lake Area Technical Institute* SDAccredited
*Name change: Lake Area Vocational Technical School to Lake Area Vocational-Technical Institute (1978) to Lake Area Technical Institute (7/1/93)
Mitchell Technical Institute* SDAccredited
*Name change: Mitchell Area Vocational Technical School to Mitchell Vocational Technical School to Mitchell Vocational Technical Institute (1989) to Mitchell Technical Institute (7/1/93)
Mount Marty CollegeSDAccredited
National American University* SDAccredited
*Name change: National College to National American University (5/6/97)
Northern State University* SDAccredited
*Name change: Northern Normal and Industrial School to Northern State Teachers College to Northern State College (1964) to Northern State University (7/1/89)
Oglala Lakota College*

(On Notice)
*Name change: Oglala Sioux Community College to Oglala Lakota College (1983)
Presentation College* SDAccredited
*Name change: Presentation Junior College to Presentation College
Si Tanka University* SDInactive-Withdrawn
*Name change: Cheyenne River Community College to Si Tanka College (7/12/99) to Si Tanka/Huron University (2/4/02) to Si Tanka University (1/26/04)
**First accredited in 2002. Accredited status withdrawn effective 8/7/06. Student records are housed at: Northern State University, Registrar's Office, 1200 South Jay Street, Aberdeen SD 57401.
Sinte Gleska University*

*Name change: Sinte Gleska Community College to Sinte Gleska College to Sinte Gleska University (2/2/92)
Sioux Falls Seminary* SDAccredited
*Name change: North American Baptist Seminary to Sioux Falls Seminary (5/18/07)
Sisseton Wahpeton College*

(On Notice)
*Name change: Sisseton Wahpeton Community College to Sisseton Wahpeton College (10/16/02)
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologySDAccredited
South Dakota State Teachers College, EasternSDInactive-Withdrawn
**Resignation of status in 1932
South Dakota State University* SDAccredited
*Name change: South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts to South Dakota State University (1964)
Southeast Technical Institute* SDAccredited
*Name change: Southeast Area Vocational- Technical School to Southeast Vo-Tech Institute (1984) to Southeast Technical Institute (7/1/93).
Southern State College* SDInactive-Merged
*Name change: Southern State Teachers College to Southern State College (1964)
**Record was created as a result of data conversion.
University of Sioux Falls* SDAccredited
*Name change: Sioux Falls College to University of Sioux Falls (10/18/94)
University of South Dakota* SDAccredited
*Name change: State University of South Dakota to University of South Dakota (1914) to State University of South Dakota (1959) to University of South Dakota (1964)
University of South Dakota at SpringfieldSDInactive-Withdrawn
**Closed 7/1/84.
Western Dakota Technical Institute* SDAccredited
*Name change: Western Dakota Vocational Technical Institute to Western Dakota Technical Institute (1993)
Yankton CollegeSDInactive-Withdrawn
**College closed 12/21/84 accreditation status continued through 9/30/85 to enable graduating seniors to complete degrees through transfer credit. Request academic transcripts at Yankton College, PO Box 133, Yankton, SD 57078.
29 institutions matched your criteria.