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Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Sunil Ahuja Vice President for Accreditation Relations 800.621.7440x104
Babatunde Alokolaro Process Associate, Peer Corps 800.621.7440x109
Robert R. Appleson Vice President for Accreditation Relations 800.621.7440x122
Heather Berg Director of Communications 800.621.7440x143
Claire Berkley Process Administrator, Quality Services 800.621.7440x145
Kathleen Bijak Process Administrator, Pathways 800.621.7440x132
Stephanie Brzuzy Vice President for Accreditation Relations 800.621.7440x106
Sarah Byrne Director of Human Resources 800.621.7440x121
Carrie Caine Assistant to Vice President for Legal and Gov. Affairs 800.621.7440x125
Denise Clark Process Administrator, Peer Corps 800.621.7440x135
Vince Coraci Process Associate, Accreditation Support 800.621.7440x147
Jon Davenport Web Systems Project Administrator 800.621.7440x142
Kimberly Davis Process Administrator, Quality Services 800.621.7440x117
Susan Devine Process Associate, Accreditation Support 800.621.7440x136
Dean Dube Process Administrator, AQIP, Institutional Data and Database 800.621.7440x158
Christine Engel Process Associate, Peer Corps 800.621.7440x120
Wanda Fowler Process Assistant, Administration 800.621.7440x100
Jessica Glowinski Garfield Process Associate, Communications 800.621.7440x118
Marisol Gomez Process Administrator, Meetings and Communications 800.621.7440x115
Beverly Harris Process Administrator, Finance 800.621.7440x110