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Biennial Evaluation

Initial Accreditation


Comprehensive Evaluation

Quality Checkup

Multi-Campus Visit

Multi-Location Visit


Focused Visit

Systems Appraisal

Substantive Change

General Forms & Guides

Objectivity and Professional Confidentiality Forms: Visits and Panels

Comprehensive Reviews, Evaluation Reports, and the Assumed Practices: Instructions for Peer Review Teams

How to Write the Evidentiary Statement

HLC provides guidance for institutions and peer reviewers in its Statement on Peer Reviewers Serving as Independent Consultants or on Mock Teams to Institutions that are Accredited by or Seeking Accreditation with the Commission.

Tribal Colleges and Universities and Higher Learning Commission Accreditation – Considerations for HLC Peer Reviewers provides context for peer reviewers who may not be familiar with the unique characteristics of Tribal Colleges and Universities.

Dual Credit Guidelines for Institutions and Peer Reviewers

Determining Qualified Faculty: Guidelines for Institutions and Peer Reviewers

Two-Year Institutions Seeking to Offer the Baccalaureate Degree: Considerations of Readiness

Peer Reviewers Determining Pathway Eligibility (2014)

On-Site Visit: Procedure (2014)


Template for Team Report for the Comprehensive Visit for Candidacy (February 2014)

Assumed Practices Worksheet (January 2014)

Biennial Evaluation

Report Template for the Biennial Evaluation Visit (January 2014)

Assumed Practices Worksheet (January 2014)

Eligibility Requirements Worksheet (January 2014)

Initial Accreditation

Comprehensive Visit for Initial Accreditation Team Report Template: Assurance Section (2014)

Assumed Practices Worksheet (January 2014)

Comprehensive Evaluation

Requirements and procedures for institutions submitting materials to peer reviewers and the Commission for a comprehensive evaluation

PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluations for Reaffirmation of Accreditation: Documents Supporting the Preparation of the Team Report

This packet provides all the information pertaining to the preparation of team materials to address the Comprehensive Visit Team Report. The packet contains the following documents:

Quality Checkups

Quality Checkup Report Template

Multi-Campus Visit

Multi-Campus Visit Report Template (2012)

Multi-Location Visit

Information for Peer Reviewers

Multi-Location Visit Report Template

Focused Visit

Requirements and procedures for institutions submitting materials to peer reviewers and the Commission for a focused visit

The team report of a focused visit has two sections. Section I. the Assurance Section, Parts I, II, and III, relates directly to accreditation issues. Section II, The Advancement Section, is the consultation of the team. These instructions will assist you in writing each part of the report.

Focused Visit Team Report Template: Assurance Section

Focused Visit Team Report Template: Advancement Section

Systems Appraisal

The Systems Appraiser Guide details the new and revised review process that becomes effective with the June 2013 Systems Appraisals.

The Systems Appraisal Worksheets contain instructions and designated worksheets for each of the nine categories, including Independent, Consensus and Evidentiary review. Not all team members will use every worksheet.

The Team Reflection Worksheet is for all team members to list significant observations about the institution to be used during the review process after reading through the Systems Portfolio and Institutional Review.

The Systems Appraisal team uses the Systems Appraisal Report template at the conclusion of its review to create a final feedback report.

Substantive Change

Change Panel

Substantive Change Panel Review Process: Change Panel Instructions and Forms (2011)

Report Template for a Change Panel (March 2015)

Change Visit

Requirements and procedures for institutions submitting materials to peer reviewers and the Commission for a change visit

Commission Guide for Writing the Team Report: Change Visit (January 2013)

Report Template for a Change Visit (March 2015)

Campus Evaluation Visit

Campus Evaluation Visits: Information for Institutions and Reviewers (September 2011)

Report Template for Campus Evaluation Visits (October 2011)

Notification Program for Additional Locations

Review of Institutional Application for the Notification Program for Additional Locations(June 2011)

Additional Location Confirmation Visits

Additional Location Confirmation Visit Report Form (March 2011)



Peer Reviewer Data Update System

Reviewers looking for their scheduled visits and blackout dates should visit the Peer Reviewer Data Update System.

Travel Reimbursement

Commission Travel Policies

Travel Expense Form

New Peer Reviewers
If you are a new peer reviewer and have not submitted an IRS W-9 form with the Commission, download the form from the IRS and submit it with your Travel Expense Form.


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