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Currently or Previously Affiliated Institutions - 05/29/2015

The directory of institutions provides information on institutions accredited by the Commission, those holding candidate for accreditation status, and those that previously held status, but have since closed, merged, or had their status withdrawn. It includes the Statement of Affiliation Status and Organizational Profile for each currently accredited and candidate institution, any Public Disclosure Notices that have been issued, and the most recent action letters from reaffirmations of accreditation occurring after June 2013.

Information provided on the Statement of Affiliation Status reflects the most recent actions of the Commission. The Commission has a multi-level decision process. Any institutional changes that are currently under review are not made public until final action has been taken.

**During the transition to the new Pathways model for reaffirmation of accreditation, some scheduled events are not displayed on this version of the Statement of Affiliation Status. Institutions can refer to the transition maps in the Open and Standard Pathways booklets for the timing of reviews. Institutions that have questions about other scheduled events should contact their HLC staff liaison.**

Bridgemont Community and Technical College

619 2nd Avenue
Montgomery, WV 25136
(304) 734-6610 (Main Phone)


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Name change notes: Community and Technical College at West Virginia University Institute of Technology to Bridgemont Community and Technical College (2009)
HLC Institution ID: 2849
Current Accreditation Status: Inactive-Merged
Accreditation Date(s): 02/05/2004 - 03/19/2014

Summary of Commission Review

Accreditation notes: The Higher Learning Commission approved the extension of accreditation to BridgeValley Community and Technical College, formed from Bridgemont Community and Technical College and Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College. The merger of the two colleges became effective March 20, 2014.

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