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Currently or Previously Affiliated Institutions - 06/30/2015

The directory of institutions provides information on institutions accredited by the Commission, those holding candidate for accreditation status, and those that previously held status, but have since closed, merged, or had their status withdrawn. It includes the Statement of Affiliation Status and Organizational Profile for each currently accredited and candidate institution, any Public Disclosure Notices that have been issued, and the most recent action letters from reaffirmations of accreditation occurring after June 2013.

Information provided on the Statement of Affiliation Status reflects the most recent actions of the Commission. The Commission has a multi-level decision process. Any institutional changes that are currently under review are not made public until final action has been taken.

**During the transition to the new Pathways model for reaffirmation of accreditation, some scheduled events are not displayed on this version of the Statement of Affiliation Status. Institutions can refer to the transition maps in the Open and Standard Pathways booklets for the timing of reviews. Institutions that have questions about other scheduled events should contact their HLC staff liaison.**

Western Wyoming Community College

2500 College Dr.
PO Box 428

Rock Springs, WY 82902-0428
(307) 382-1600 (Main Phone)


Statement of Affiliation Status Click here for definitions...

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Karla Neeley Leach, President
Name change notes: Western Wyoming Community College to Western Wyoming College (1986) to Western Wyoming Community College (1992)
HLC Institution ID: 1867
Current Accreditation Status: Accredited
Candidacy Date(s): 03/28/1973 - 02/29/1976
Pre-accreditation notes: Pre-accreditation status: Correspondent (1969)

Correspondent status extended (1970)

Recognized Candidate for Accreditation (1973)

Candidate for Accreditation under new policy (1973)

Accreditation Date(s): 03/01/1976

Summary of Commission Review

Last Reaffirmation of Accreditation: 2013 - 2014
     • Action Letter (PDF)

Next Reaffirmation of Accreditation: 2021 - 2022

Last Date of Information Change: 05/12/2014

Control: Public
Degrees Awarded (details below): Associates, Certificate

Organizational Profile Click here for definitions...

Enrollment Headcount (last updated: 04/14/2015)
  Full-Time                       Part-Time
Undergraduate: 1,106   1,662
Graduate: 0   0
Dual enrollment (high school) programs:   556  

Degree Programs (last updated: 04/14/2015)
  Programs Offered   Degrees Awarded in Last Reported Year
Associate Degrees 60   437
Bachelors Degrees 0   0
Masters Degrees 0   0
Specialist Degrees 0   0
Doctoral Degrees 0   0
Certificate Programs (last updated: 04/14/2015)
  Programs Offered   Certificates Awarded in Last Reported Year
Certificates 33   122

Off-Campus Activities (last updated: 08/17/2013)

In-State:   Campuses:   Oyster Ridger Higher Education/Kemmerer - Diamondville, WY; WWCC Outreach, Evanston - Evanston, WY; Carbon Co. Higher Education Center/Rawlins - Rawlins, WY; WWCC Outreach, Afton/Cokeville - Star Valley, WY;
    Additional Locations:   WWCC Outreach, Little Snake River (Baggs) - Baggs, WY; WWCC Outreach, Big Piney - Big Piney, WY; WWCC Green River Center - Green River, WY; WWCC Outreach, Elk Mt./Hanna/Med. Bow - Medicine Bow, WY; WWCC Outreach, Bridger Valley - Mt. View, WY; WWCC Outreach, Pinedale - Pinedale, WY; WWCC Outreach, Saratoga/Encampment - Saratoga, WY;
Out-of-State:   Campuses:   None.
    Additional Locations:   None.
Out-of-U.S.:   Campuses:   None.
    Additional Locations:   None.